Creating Innovation Navigators

by Sabra Horne

A must-read book to achieve & accelerate mission impact through innovation.

Your blue print for innovation. A proven 6-step process to empower your agency to innovate and achieve mission impact sooner.

Innovate like a startup while working within the parameters of the public sector.

Case studies, questionnaires, and methodologies from the startup world to guide you to innovate your agency.

Running a public sector agency is hard. There are roadblocks, saboteurs, and outmoded processes that consume resources, time and energy. If you are ready to innovate with the methodologies and midsets of the startup sector while working within the constraints of the public sector, this book is for you.

What do representatives of seven large federal agencies think about Creating Innovation Navigators?

Sabra Horne is the entrepreneur in residence at BMNT, where she supports the development and deployment of government innovation efforts. She is the author of Creating Innovation Navigators, a guide to public sector innovation, and she is the instructor and creator of the Innovation Navigators course. 

Ms. Horne developed the curriculum based on her 15 years in government and extensive experience in driving innovative government organizations and with the significant contributions of BMNT thought leadership, including Pete Newell, William Treseder, Steve Blank, and others, crafted and refined over years of government innovation consultancy.

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